Every year millions of visitors flock to Maui looking for a taste of the old Maui that is now legend.  While there is tons of commercial media content about Maui, there is very little high quality, authentic, content that captures the real old Maui from the 70's by a local who lived it.  I believe there is a great niche market for genuine content and merchandise that represents that golden era before Mauiland.  I have a lot of original content from that era. 

I am looking for investors, publishers, angels, muses, anyone who can help me make my Maui Tales brand come to life.   I know my idea won't be copied because no one has the kind of content that makes the  Maui Tales brand for real, not some kind of Mauiland recreation.  The kind of content I have is valuable  because it was created in a era that is now legendary history.

Not only do I have great content, I also have the professional media skills to bring it to life in a digital age.  This includes 40 years of professional photographic, video and writing experience as well as a 2006 BA from UofH, Manoa in digital media.  I also have a lot of experience in developing and running a small business.  In theory, I could do this project myself, but that's no fun and would take a long time.

I have been working on the Maui Tales ebook a few years and, with the right resources, it could be available for sale soon on Amazon, ibooks, etc,.  I also see revenue streams from a Maui Tales online store that could sell bitchen content (books, prints, etc,)  and merchandise (clothing, calendars, coffee cups, etc.) based on the Maui Tales brand.  I believe even a Maui Tales retail store would do well in Paia or Lahaina.  I have already received great press on the Maui Tales ebook and believe the Maui Tales content will naturally generate more local, and even main stream press to help with the marketing.   

As you can see, I have a big vision that would require work and resources to develop.  But, I really think this idea has a great potential for profit and I'm not greedy.   I'm willing to share my content and work with the right partner who has the resources to make this project come alive.  They would need to share the Maui Tales vision and realize, if done right, it could become a little gold mine.

So, take a look at the Maui Tales ebook content, click on the link to my Totally Digital Hawaii website and the Lee Cataluna, Sunday Honolulu Star-Advertiser feature.  If you see the potential of this project, have resources that will help make it work, and want to share in the profits, email me (sanford@mauitales.com).  It could be a fun way to tap into Maui's booming economy and cool lifestyle.